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In order to get access to these calendars, you must have a signed JHA and proof of all required training on file with Katherine Goodine Room 210. See your federal supervisor about the JHA and training requirements.

Click the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right of calendar to log into your Google Calendar account and reserve that vehicle.

17' Boston Waler, Seats: _, Towing Weight: _____ lbs., 90hp Mercury

16' Monark, Seats: 3, Towing Weight: 900 lbs., 25hp Mercury

22' Boston Whaler, Seats: 6, 225hp

16' Boston Whaler, Seats: 4, Towing Weight: 2,700 lbs., 90hp Yamaha

17' Lowe, Seats: 4, Towing Weight: 1,400 lbs, 25hp Mercury

14' Sea Eagle, Seats: 3, Towing Weight: 800 lbs, 15hp Yamaha

20' Sea Ark, Seats: 6, Towing Weight: 2,000 lbs., 115hp Yamaha

18' Sea Ark, Seats: ___, Towing Weight: _____ lbs., 70hp Yamaha

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